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  • Meyer Lemons

    Meyer Lemons

    We only have one lemon because it is the best. Meyer lemons! Meyer Lemons are not bitter like the lemons in the grocery store. They are also larger than normal lemons and very juicy.

  • Grapefruits


    We grow, “Thompson Pinks,” and, “Ruby Reds.” Our grapefruits are delicious, and big. Some over 2 lbs! We grow enough to ship buckets across the country to our friends & family.

  • Oranges


    Finally, there is the Orange. We grow Navels, Valencia, Page, and Hamlin oranges. They have so much juice it is unbelievable. Sometimes people actually water their juice down because it’s so sweet!

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So how does all this help you?

We have the tools, tips, and the expertise to help you grow this kind of fruit right in your own backyard. Not only will we help take care of your trees; if you wish, we’ll teach you how to do it all yourself!

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